21. März 2018

Miniature Grape Hyacinths

This is one of the first miniatures that I made. I added some leaves and a little bit of grass and gave it a new pot. It'll now find it's place in my Easter scene:)
Have a wonderful day

20. März 2018

Bunny with Flower under Glass Dome

My little Easter Bunny decoration under a glass dome. It will find it's place in my new scene.
Have a wonderful day

18. März 2018

Easter Glitter House

Another miniature for my own Easter shop. I love glitter houses - not only for Christmas:)
Have a wonderful Sunday

14. März 2018

Hasenschule - Bunny School

In Germany a "Hasenschule" is one of the vintage must-haves for Easter. So here it is - my tiny Bunny School:)
Have a wonderful day

13. März 2018

Peter Rabbit Puzzle has a box now:)

Yesterday I designed the box for my Peter Rabbit puzzle. I got a little bit dizzy by turning the pieces of a puzzle on my template...:)Have a wonderful day

12. März 2018

Easter Treats in Carrot Boxes

A basket full of Easter Treats for my scene. Easter Sunday you'll see the whole scene on my blog. In the meantime I'll keep you up to date with the minis I make for it:)

Have a wonderful day

11. März 2018

Easter Displays

I made some Easter displays for my shop - my own miniature Easter Shop (still in progress) and my 1:1 shop:)
Have a wonderful Sunday

9. März 2018

Easter Shop - still empty

Since days I'm working on the concept of my little (what else) Easter Shop. I'm very happy, because I think it will be ready before April 1st:)))
I'll keep you posted...
Have a wonderful day

6. März 2018

Peter Rabbit Paper Doll 2

Another Peter Rabbit paper doll. This time with 3 outfits in an envelope.
Have a wonderful day

3. März 2018

Easter Bunny Paper Dolls

I love paper dolls!!!! Perhaps you know it by now:)
And because I'm working on an Easter Shop I had to make Easter Bunny paper dolls too. To avoid discrimination I made a male and a female version.
Have a wonderful day